2017 Campaign

graphic for State Employees Combined CampaignDear UNCG Colleagues and Friends:

Spartans take Giant Steps together, demonstrating school pride through service in the workforce, classroom, and in our communities. This legacy was established in 1893 when the word “Service” was chosen as our university’s motto. Since that time, it has embodied and defined the mission of UNCG and the passion of its students, faculty, and staff.

We have historically served our colleagues, families, and neighbors by collectively participating in the State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC). Over the last several years, UNCG employees and retirees have contributed $3.7M to the SECC, which benefited dozens of local, regional, and national organizations in support of education, human services, health, the environment, and animals/wildlife. For our efforts, we were recognized at the state level and received the Chairman’s Award, Power of Giving Award, and the Growth in Giving Award.

To commemorate our 125th Anniversary, our goal for 2017 is to raise $200,125. We need your help to show our Power of Giving. Remember, every donation matters!

The enclosed materials provide information about hundreds of organizations in the SECC that are eligible to receive support. These organizations cover a wide range of pressing needs, and we hope that you will find a worthy cause that speaks to your own passion. All contributions are confidential and tax-deductible. Using payroll deduction allows you to make your contribution one paycheck at a time. Deductions begin January 2018 and continue through December 2018. You may also make one-time contributions by credit card, check or cash. Please note that your decision to participate at any level is personal and anonymous.

Credit card and payroll deduction pledges can be made quickly and easily using our e-pledge online payment system, or complete and return your paper envelope to your solicitor by Friday, December 8. 

As we move forward and ascend into greater service, we are also leaving a legacy of giving for future Spartans. Please join us in changing lives through the SECC and help make a difference through our Power of Giving.

Thank you for your generous support!



Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.

Macea Whisettse
Chair, 2017 UNCG SECC Campaign