What is SECC?

The SECC – the official giving campaign for state employees – helps support more than a thousand charitable organizations in our community and state. Year after year, UNCG employees have given generously to the campaign.

What is the SECC?

It is the State Employees Combined Campaign for North Carolina.

The SECC is the only workplace giving program authorized for payroll deduction for most state employees. It was established in 1984.

What is a Combined Campaign?

“Combined Campaign” means that the campaign includes federations and independent charities, which must apply each year to be considered for admission. Federations and independent charities must meet rigorous standards.

Why should I give?

The campaign is a great way to reach out and touch the lives of those in need; sustain lives and health; to support educational, environmental and social service organizations; and make a meaningful contribution to your community.

Can I target my contribution to one charity?

You may designate your gift to any one – or more – of the charities listed in the SECC Resource Guide.  The charity(ies) you designate will receive all of your contribution except for a small administrative fee.

How much does it cost to run the SECC?

Administrative expenses cannot exceed 10 percent of the total campaign dollars raised.